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. ♪ and harness our technology for new energy solutions. [ female announcer ] around the globe, the people of boeing are working together, to build a better tomorrow. that's why we're here. ♪ i'm bethand i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can. >>> there's some congressional politics now. we're here with our political director chuck todd for a first read sunday. chuck, it's been a tough few weeks politically for republicans. the question is, is it really an opportunity for democrats in 2014? can they change control of the house? >> look, if this were october 27, 2014 instead of 2013, we would be talking about democrats having a
true. but we keep on doing the things that matter& like buying new raspberry 5 hour energy. from now to the end of the year, a portion of each sale... benefits living beyond breast cancer, to empower women affected by breast cancer. new raspberry 5 hour energy. it's one good deed that will go just right. >>> mm-mm. so before the break, we asked you, according to a recent survey, which percentage of americans believe in ghost that answer? yeah! 45% of you believe in ghosts, or that, the spirits themselves of dead people can come back in certain places and situations. but listen to this, 43% do not think they can harm or interact with the living. there you go. >>> now, let's get the latest in sports. 76ers favorite allen iverson formally announcing his retirement. >> i'm always going to be a sixer, you know, till i die. i'm always going to be a bruin till i die. >> the 11-time all-star was drafted as a sixer back in 1996 when he stopped playing in 2010. his game average? over 26 points. in the game, the young sixers' team was led by michael carter williams, and this power tug right the
from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. >>> this month marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president kennedy. to commemorate our 35th president we've gone into our "meet the press" archives to give you the story of jfk's rise to presidency. people will be airing this special, "jfk the president remembered." topics cover everything from the cold war to civil rights. we've also posted more in our "meet the press" flipboard magazine with now more than 75,000 readers and how he said there was no doubt he could beat president nixon. by the way, you can twitter me throughout the people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualizati
community. soon he was teaming up with goo energy lap and the challenged athletes foundation, raising money to give prosthetic running legs to children he couldn't afford them. he was also invited back to kona, gaichb second chance to conquer the biggest race of his life. jeff trained like never before. more than 5,000 miles on the road and in the water. to make sure he was ready this year, and he was. >> i was feeling prepared, i was feeling calm and i was feeling ready to take on the day. >> he felt so good, in fact, his eyes could see the hollywood ending up ahead. his calf muscle, though, had other ideas. >> it was so painful. it was cramped up the whole time but all of a sudden it started spasming really bd. >> it was a 90% tear. jeff tried to fight the pain, but he wasn't going to beat the clock. he quit ten miles into the run. >> i was disappointed because i wanted to finish, but i was db i think i was more disappointed that i was letting down my sponsorings. and i still feel that, you know, sometimes that still hurts a lit billion it. so it seems jeff's story can't have a hollywood
... with more b vitamins, which help convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. get $2 off at oneaday.com. >>> in the 1920s and '30s, the cotton club was the go-to destination. for jazz musicians and celebrities. >> now it's back to life in the new broadway show "after midnight." ♪ grab your coats ♪ and get your hat ♪ leave your worries on the doorstep ♪ ♪ just direct your feet ♪ to the sign out on the street ♪ >> oh, yeah. that is fantasia. she is singing "sunny side of the street." >> she is here with dule hill. >> we have people that work here that at night are spies on broadway. they saw it this past weekend and said it was fantastic. they said, it's fantasia. >> actually, when i first came in, they were in rehearsals already and i was able to sit and watch the show. i was blown away just watching the show, thinking, okay, what am i doing here? because you have great tap dancers, great singers. this man right here, oh, my god -- >> he's got his shoes on. he's going to dance for us in a bit. he doesn't know it, but he wi
they bring a militarized energy, an unnecessary energy. >> reporter: though protesters got fired up, things remained peaceful. those who took part say they're not going away until andy gets justice. and the deputy who pulled the trigger faces consequences. >> given the facts, supports an idea, he should be prosecuted for at least murder. but maybe involuntary manslaughter. he certainly overreacted and shot this kid a number of times unnecessarily so. >> reporter: now, a police investigation as well as an fbi investigation remain under way tonight. i did try to reach out to the sheriff today, but he did not return my phone call. he did tell me last week, however, that his heart goes out to the family. he says he's very sorry for what happened and promises a thorough and transparent investigation. reporting live in santa rosa, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> to the south bay, now, just into our newsroom, new surveillance video, four suspects allegedly involved in saturday's shooting at the spot nightclub in campbell. we've highlighted the video so you can see who police are looking for
about a year after the e-mails were sent. executives are worried about the solar energy's growth that it will lead to a so-called death spiral for their industry. with more solar customers, the cost of maintaining the electricity grid would fall on fewer people, which could raise rates across the board. those higher rates could then motivate more people to install solar panels. advanced battery packs would allow customers to store the electricity and leave the grid entirely could soon be cheap enough for home ewe yoous as well. experts say it would likely be years or decades before solar could have a major impact. los 5 altos is scheduled to decide whether to bestow a special designation on steve jobs childhood home. they consider whether declaring the ranch style home an historical resource. the house is historically significant according to some because it's where jobs and apple kound founder steve wozniak built the first computers way back in 1976. jobs moved into the house with his foster parent in 1968. meteorologists may have found a new way to predict heat waves up to thre
multivitamin... with more b vitamins, which help convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. get $2 off at oneaday.com. ♪ >>> all right. it's monday, that means it's time to surprise the fan of the week. >> drumroll please while we spin the globe. >> the winner is denise wilson from florida. she's watching us. she's joining us now. hey, denise, are you excited? >> yes, i am, thank you! >> we bet you are. >> denise, you created your own wine label. >> you did. now, we also heard that you have a little song, will you sing a couple bars? >> absolutely. >> do it. ♪ those two funny girls they lighten our hearts ♪ ♪ it's fun to be a part of it new york new york ♪ >> there we go, you guys are awesome! >> amazing. >> thanks, kids, you and your guests are headed right here to new york, new york. it's the newly renovated lexington hotel. four days and three nights. you get to see "after midnight." plus, you get to meet the cast backstage. they're still singing. somebody is singing. where is that coming from? hotel and air accommodations
, the whole thing is turned inside out with concern about their coach. >> right. and you felt the energy. i mean in the studio, we could hear the crowd here in that first half. and then it almost goes dead silent at halftime. i don't think they ever recaptured that. and just a very, very tough situation. but very happy to hear that good report from rick smith. >> all right, tony, thanks. >>> we'll turn now to mike florio of pro football talk. mike, you'll obviously have the latest on gary kubiak tomorrow, but denver head coach john fox is also facing a health issue. what's the latest there? >> well, bob, john fox will have surgery this week to repair and replace a heart valve. the next step for the broncos is to name an interim head coach. i'm told that that will happen by tomorrow morning when the team meets at 8:05 mountain time. right now the indications are the defensive coordinator, jack del rio, will be the interim coach until john fox can return, but no final decisions have been made. there's another off-field issue that's still unfolding in miami where dolphins tackle jonathan marti
cancer or clean energy. they have the "x" factor. we get venture capitalists to come in and see are these people going to stick with it through the trails and tribulations, can they actually build it, do they have good team dynamics. it's that they can learn quickly. >> what's that question, that one dealmaker or breaker you ask every entrepreneur. >> we ask when will you give up? >> good question. >> it seems the correct answer is never. >> no, definitely not. the thing is there's more -- if they'll never give up, then they're never going to learn. they have to know the right kind of mix of confidence, stubbornness, and the ability to learn quickly and change. >> i notice it's a dot org so what's the money-making process behind it? >> we're a nonprofit. we get a lot of community support. we have partnerships with guys like microsoft and cisco, organizations like the kaufman foundation funds us and stanford and stanford's hospital gave us a big grant recently. >> entrepreneurs, if they're going to a program, do they give you a portion of their business? >> yeah. so we actually t
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energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> more than three decadesc after "star wars," harrison ford returns to a new movie called "the enders game." ford plays a commander in a global military force who must find the best young mind to save the human race from an alien attack. >> we need minds like yours, ender. young people integrate complex data more
. >> lasagna. >> reporter: loaded up on last-minute energy, no one seemed to have second thoughts about being here. a huge challenge for law enforcement. tens of thousands of competitors. more than 26 miles of territory. millions lining the route as it winds its way through each of new york's five congested boroughs to the finish line in central park. >> nypd began examining and enhancing its coverage of the race starting the day after the boston marathon. >> reporter: because of that april day when two bombs killed three and wounded hundreds, new york police say they will have thousands of additional officers on duty. the command center has video screens monitoring as much of the race course as possible. teams of dogs like lucas and clifford able to sniff out explosives. >> go find it. >> reporter: have been training for months. and the nypd has added this. it's called wolverine. a robot built to deal with bombs. and police will have much tougher security near the finish. this year police suggest holding those joyous reunions away from the course. >> hopefully it's a very uplifting day for a
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. >> you're 77 years young. >> yeah. >> i'll get there. >> do you have the energy to rebuild. >> yeah. i'll give it a try. if i can, if i can afford it, i'm going to rebuild. if i can manage. >> thank you for talking to me. i appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. i appreciate you too. >> good to see you. >> and another memorable imagine from sandy, the evacuation of patients and newborn babies. some of the young survivors and their parents are with us now. jeremy and william donovan. jewels and his daughter and darr range -- dara and their little girl. nice to see you all. i don't know whose idea it was to bring six 1-year-olds here but if this goes south, do what you have to do. let's ask a general question. you can have that. the days after sandy. things had to get better. it started rough. did everything get better. >> yeah. >> you're all doing well? you went to the hospital and here comes sandy and when you got to the hospital you're in contractions and the lights went out. >> the lights went out but the back up generators come on so everything is going smoothly and as expected because the
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and he helped people cross the finish line that way. >> we just met him and he is maizing. so much energy this morning. so congratulations. >> yes, really cool. >> making history. mara, thank you very much. coming up next, a look inside the duck dynasty kitchen. ms. kay whips up one of her favorite dishes. >> and at 8:47, thalia does something she's never tried before. that's all we're going to say. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> we are back now at 8:39 with the mariarch of the duck dynasty clan. >> she has a new cookbook ms. kay's duck commander kitchen and kerry sanders travelled to louisiana to do cooking with her. >> reporter: duck dynasty. the reality tv show with more than 11 million viewers is all about ducks and family. the robertson family. the robertson's first made their wealth from the family business selling products for duck hunters, including the duck call named duck commander. the robertson's men, phil and his brother uncle si and phil's sons alan, jace, willie, and jep are known for their long beards and then there's the matriarch of the family, ms. kay. he married
, i love it. it never gets old, great times. great energy. >> some distressed wood makes you look old. >> what we will do is take a nice piece of wood, redwood, you can distress it, take this chain. how about it, mr. t? >> it's like a fireplace mant el. >> go, al. >> oh, yeah. see the marks, the distress. you distress it. you see all around. have a good time with it right there. you can also news nails t. nails, hit them like that. you can see, it makes different looking marks. after are you done with that, have you fun with it. it's a good weekend project. we're making a mant el for a fireplace, after you boat it up, you will take some stain here, you will rub it on, it will bring all the character out in the wood. it really looks great. you can see after you do it. you can put a clear coat on it. do it in any sustain color. when you mark it down, the marks stand out. it's sharp, i'm telling you. >> can you put more than one coat on it? >> you can put any stain color you want. it will look older. you can see over here, guys, you can make your own corbials there or put different casts
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)